Cross Slot

Carrfields Machinery – Exclusive distributor for Cross Slot in New Zealand and Australia

Baker No-Tillage Ltd (BNT)’s principals were formally scientists and engineers at New Zealand’s Massey University and invented the Cross Slot no-tillage technologies over a 30-year period. Their company continuously refines the world’s most sophisticated no-tillage system and machines, and now markets them and supports their users in the field through Carrfields Machinery.



Carrfields Machinery in Australia is headed by Guy Fordham and based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Carrfields Machinery sales is headed up by Tony Jones in the North Island and Aaron Jones and his team in the South Island where customers can expect the same level of service and support that they may already experience from CLAAS Harvest Centre – Canterbury.





Cross Slot engineering design

Cross Slot openers and machines have a 10,000- 20,000 hour design life, which is similar to tractors. The designers of Cross Slot reasoned that if a farmer ends up owning only a tractor, sprayer and Cross Slot seeder (as many already do) it makes sense for the seeder to last as long as the tractor and the sprayer, both of which are likely to be designed with 10,000-20,000 hour lives. This is more particularly so with expensive no-tillage machines. The economics of owning a sophisticated no-tillage seeder make much more sense if the replacement period is 10+ years rather than 3 years.






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